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What is behind this research ?
This research intends to investigate whether the introduction of the specific new service could help European society to achieve better results in waste management and recycling. That means to study the value-action relationship, which is the basis of the new service, and examine whether this may bring tangible results and achieve a pervasive impact at regional level.


There is clearly one aim
and this is to examine the possibility of creating a change-effect in a redefined recycling chain by introducing the service of “Recycling Stock Market with the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)”.
By applying such an innovative service which aims to face the factors that postpone the change of recycling attitude, it could be possible to achieve the creation of a micro-trend able to support waste prevention. 


What is the innovative service?
Who will participate?
It is intended to create a company which will administer recyclable products (aluminum, glass, paper and plastic) incorporating the philosophy of auctioning, using the know-how of stock markets and investing, in order to create a micro-trend and make people recycling. To achieve this, information and communication technologies will be exploited.
  • people as end-consumers,
  • the company which will administer the service
  • the companies as traders and sellers since they sell the products
  • the recycling industry
  • the environmentalists
  • the governments


The vision...
...is to create a European region-based prototype cell, which will be supported by the regional authorities and professional associations, will be funded partially or even fully at its start from European Union funds, aiming to create value in the region, contribute in achieving growth through the exploit of current resources and guarantee sustainability.




  You buy and consume a product which could be recycled in the end.
  After the consumption you may leave it in a recycling cabinet.
  You will register in this recycling service through your mobile phone.
  We will get the information of what you have recycled each time.
  The recyclables will be driven in a recycling centre.
  They will be placed in an on-line auction system.
  The highest bid wins.
  You will get value shares.
  You may exchange the shares in super-markets and other stores participating in the service.
  The more you recycle the more shares you get the more products you may acquire.


In case you 'd like to see an additional explanatory booklet please click on the link below:



Recycling Stock Market at a glance

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