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Most Recent Project: Thinking of a Professional Doctorate, preparing the Research Proposal (April 2015)

Most Recent Paper: Identifying Challenges for Modernization and Development in Tertiary Education (February 2014)


Next Challenge: Bridging Business Intelligence with tertiary education (an ongoing project aiming to bring more intelligence into the academic environment of an academic institute)


Recent Conference participated: ICEIRD 2013, Istanbul 19-21 June 2013

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Recent Findings & Suggestions:

This column includes some selections.


Auctioning is a philosophy. Its not just selling or buying.


Some ideas for innovation in job, just found in recent articles. Try the first. Try the second. Try the third. Finding opportunities for innovation and growth.

Innocentive is a market for ideas. A game among "seekers" and "solvers". An open innovation community. There is an interesting article in "The Economist" about it. You may also visit their web site.

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